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You will purchase a hand crafted harmonica which features

-your chioce of top quality reed material (Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki)

-your choice of cover material (stainless steel, gold or chrome plated brass)

-your choice of comb material (any wood available, solid plastic, solid gold plated brass or copper, stainless steel)

-your choice of tuning (Richter or any special tuning)

-your choice of tuning system: tempered, just intonation or compromise tuning for Richter

-standard or overbend setup

-an engraving or pierce of your individual icon or name

-a hand signed original certificate which documents the key, the construction details, the serial number and warranty details

-a serial number. The first series will be 1000 instruments with numbers from 000 to 999. Book your favourite number!

- a very solid hand crafted leather holster

- free shipping, no matter where you live on this planet

- all this for the price of only Eur 350,-

Order now.

Please send us an e-mail in English, German or French language that includes your choice of the upper features.

Pay in advance. Expect to receive your ergo harmonica not later than November this year.

If you want any extras such as gem stone applications, combs made of ebony or pure silver or pure gold or any of your idea, don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to exploring any idea that makes the ergo harmonica even more precious.