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Arnd Hoffmann from Wetzlar, Germany

born in 1965
started playing the harmonica in 1974
plays semi-professionally since 1989
learned the toolmaker's trade

but has been working on construction for the last 15 years because this kind of job made playing music a lot easier.

In 1997 I met Joe Filisko, Richard Sleigh and Howard Levy at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany, where the Hohner factory is located.

I had never before experienced a gathering of harmonica players as huge as on that festival and Joe was one of the first cats I bumped into.
This inspired me to make harmonicas by myself.

I accomplished the first playable instrument in the year of 2000.
The covers are made of 1.5mm copper, the comb of river red gum which is a eucalyptus and, besides, swells and shrinks too much to be suitable as a harmonica comb. The reedplates are Hohner MS in the key of D.

Two fourteen hole SBS harps followed. Steve Baker's fabulous tuning system with the holes 1-3 doubled an octave lower beside the 1st hole of a Richter still itches my ambition to make a 13hole ergo.

I made the aluminium harps with the three sharp edges at the end of 2001.

It took quite a while until I had all the ideas I needed to open up a harmonica production. Well, I'm working on that subject.

You see, this is a One Man Show...

...but you know this One Man Show would never be good unless there were someone with me...

Christiane Scheffler and I have been a couple for more than a dozen years.